KeLP 2.2.1 released

A new version of KeLP has been released!

This release includes:

  • A new kernel cache that is meant to substitute the FixIndexKernelCache and the DynamicIndexKernelCache.
  • New Evaluators for measuring the quality of Clustering algorithms.
  • Added a new way of serializing/desearlizing Json files in gzip format.

As usual, KeLP packages can be found in our Maven repositories and the Javadoc is available on this page.

In addition, KeLP suite has been enriched with a new package, kelp-input-generator, that has been released in its 1.0.0 version. This package is meant to support users to produce input representations for KeLP algorithms. In particular, at the moment it allows to derive tree and graphs representations to be used with Tree and Graph Kernels in KeLP. Please, refer to the github page on instructions on how to install and use this new library.